• "I recently came here because it was close to work and I had to get a prescription for a family member. I did not have time to go to my regular pharmacist. I can now tell you that this is now my regular pharmacist. They were fast and friendly. When I told them that I would like to use them going forward, they made the phone call to get my families prescriptions moved there which saved me time. Great friendly staff and great prices. I highly recommend them."
  • - James B.

  • "If I could give 10 stars I would. This is the best pharmacy I have ever been to. After years of using CVS and Walgreens and suffering through it, i was thrilled to stumble on my community pharmacy. The employees have true customer service skills, listening, hearing, and understanding the consumers. They even helped me find a school, a doctor, and a chiropractor, showing real knowledge of the community resources. I live 180miles away and still drive here once a month for monthly prescription refills."
  • - Margaret D.

  • "The best pharmacy around, locally owned by caring people that are more concerned about making you well and saving you money. You wont find that at the big pharmacies that's for sure."
  • - Jack R.

  • "Best personal care given in the world. Feels like you are family."
  • - Jeff M.

  • "The staff is so helpful and go above and beyond. I had a medication that was priced at about $350. Johnny with research and coupons got the cost down to below $50. My daughter in college needed her scripts filled and mailed them the same day! Always a pleasant experience! I highly recommend My Community Pharmacy."
  • - Mark R.

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f: 561-753-6763